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This is the place to look for recent news related to Rudgear Estates. Please look in the Private Documents section for an archive of newsletters and meeting minutes, or view the Public Documents for important public governing documents.

NOTE: Most of the documents within this web site are password protected and require Adobe Acrobat Reader®. If prompted for a user name and password please contact your management company if you currently do not have the login information. Normally, only members of the association are given login rights.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING  (posted 09/15/2019)
The next regular Board business meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 7pm at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. There is no meeting in August. The Meeting Agenda is normally posted on-site 4 days in advance.

Board Meeting Minutes (posted 07/23/2019)
The latest draft and/or approved Board Meeting Minutes have been posted on the Private Documents page.

2019 SPRING newsletter (posted 06/11/2019)
The latest newsletter has been published and is now available for download on the Private Documents page.

2018 Year-End Financial report (posted 04/17/2019)
The 2018 Year-End Financial Report has been uploaded to the Private Documents page.

2019 POOL LANE USE SCHEDULE (posted 04/12/2019)
The 2019 Pool Lane Use schedule has been posted on Our Pool page.

The schedule for the 2019 Pool Hours has been posted on Our Pool page. Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to weather, lifeguard availability, or other unforeseen circumstances.

pool membership and use agreement (posted 03/26/2019)
The 2019 Pool Membership Form has been uploaded. For additional information please visit the Pool Information page of this web site. If you have any questions, please contact us.

2019 REST EVENT schedule (posted 02/26/2019)
This years Rudgear Estates Swim Team Event Schedule has been posted and is available for download. For additional information please visit the Pool Information page of this web site. If you have any questions, please contact us.

MUDSLIDE INFORMATION (posted 07/21/2018)
A new tab titled "Mudslide" has been created on the Private Documents page, and the recent soil report has been uploaded and is available for review. Moving forward any additional shared information pertaining to this matter will be uploaded to the same location. If you have any questions, please contact us.

NEW POOL PROCEDURE (posted 07/24/2017)
Attention All Rudgear Estates Homeowners and Pool Members: Starting Saturday, July 22nd, all swimmers entering the Rudgear Estates pool will be required to sign-in at the check-in table that will be located near the front gate. You will also be required to provide your Rudgear Estates key fob at that time. All guests of members will be required to check-in and provide the name of the member whose guest they are. The pool rule of no more than 7 guests per household will be enforced.

All groups of over 7 people per household must contact the Pool Manager, Amy Mason, for reservations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pool Manager, Amy Mason, at If you are an HOA member or pool member and need a key, please contact the Management Company during normal business hours to make arrangements for a key. Additional pool keys cost $10.00 each. Pool keys will not be available during the weekend. The Management Company phone number is 925-830-4848 and Property Manager Barbara Dawson’s email is

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