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Your Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from your community. Their time and effort is provided at no cost to the HOA.


Position Name
President Jason Granskog
Vice President Aaron Davis
Treasurer David Gregoire
Secretary Matt Abbott
Director Kellie Kemp
Director Mark Pohl
Director Michael Yurovsky

Are you interested in standing for election to the Board of Directors? For more specifics on eligibility or general questions on the various Board positions, you can check your Governing Documents online. Please contact the Management Company to self nominate your name on the Election Ballots.

For questions and comments outside of the monthly Board Meetings, please contact the Management Company.

NOTE: Members of the Board of Directors are volunteers and do not receive any compensation for their efforts. For purposes of efficiency and maintaining high professional standards, most matters should be brought to the attention of the Management Company, which in turn manages the agenda for all meetings.

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